ShopriteX has been established to accelerate the use of data in improving customer experience and business operations. We have been set up to work in an agile way, with center's of excellence as well as product focused teams. We have a few senior roles for experienced Data Scientists within key product teams as well as within the centers of excellence.

In this role you will be involved in creating opportunities that delight our customers by leveraging Shoprite’s vast operational data. Using this data with predictive modelling you will have a direct impact on strategic initiatives to be truly customer centric.

ShopriteX is highly entrepreneurial, you will be expected to deal with a high level of ambiguity and building to ensure that we are able to achieve our vision. We are focused on becoming a high-performance organisation that attracts the finest talent to make a difference to our customers.

With over I billion customers served every year, over 7 billion products sold and more than 20 million Xtra Savings members, we have the richest and deepest customer data set on the continent. This provides us with infinite possibilities to fuel precision retailing and customer-centricity. Join our Chapter of Data Scientists who are applied across our different value tribes covering personalisation at scale, insights and data monetisation, data-led precisions retail, Media, digital commerce, internal merchandising optimisation and customer innovation. We are not only developing models but have productionised models that we are continually evaluating and improving.

  • Retail Media - monetise Shoprite’s omni-channel media assets
  • Insights & Data Monetisation - harness big data and advanced analytics to supercharge the Core & drive new revenue from customer insights
  • Rewards & Personalization - Deliver personalised customer experiences and one-to-one offers at scale
  • Digital Commerce - Enable world-class shopping on digital channels
  • Customer Innovation - Develop customer transformation strategy and future value opportunities.

Job Objectives

Work in a cross-functional team, collaborating with fellow data scientists, engineers, and analysts to understand project goals, interpret end-users' intent and drive the build, implementation and scale-up of use cases for measurable impact. Use your depth of knowledge and experience of data science concepts (linear and logistic regression, SVM's, dimensionality reduction), decision trees, gradient boosting, ensemble models, etc. to develop and lead the development of value-centric machine learning solutions. Formulating, suggesting, and managing data-driven projects which are geared at furthering the business's interests. Collating and cleaning data from various entities. Working together in a squad of business representatives, Data Analysts and Data Scientists to realize the successful completion of projects. Selecting and employing advanced statistical procedures to obtain actionable insights. Cross-validating models to ensure their generalizability. Producing and disseminating non-technical reports that detail the successes and limitations of each project. Suggesting ways in which insights obtained might be used to inform business strategies. Staying informed about developments in Data Science and adjacent fields to ensure that outputs are always relevant.


A degree in a numerate discipline, preferably Statistics / Mathematics / Operations Research / Industrial Engineering / Computer Science (honour's / master’s degree preferable)


Extensive experience as a Data Scientist - 5+ years.

Proficiency in R or Python, where the latter is preferred.

In-depth understanding of SQL.

Competent in machine learning principles and techniques.

Demonstrable history of devising and overseeing data-centred projects.

Ability to relay insights in plain language, such that these can be used to inform business decisions.

Outstanding supervision and mentorship abilities and experience.

Capacity to foster a healthy, stimulating work environment that frequently harnesses teamwork.

Compliance with prevailing ethical standards.

Knowledge and Skills



Cloud Platform (AWS)



Probability and Statistics

Predictive and Prescriptive Modelling